Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to the world

Yep, it's all been happening here. Just finished water birthing, no, not me, my jungle (!) friends. Sort of a bit ying/yang for me being a full on hospital (yes please way more pethadine), girl. So, there's this big paddling pool in the Lodge, filled up with hot water, a bit of deep breathing and then out pops Junior. Couldn't be easier.....from a watching, sympathetic glances, just push, point of view. Midwife then tries to pass over the placenta. Err, no thanks, don't you have a medical incinerator in your car. Clearly not. Would someone like to bury it? Clearly that someone isn't me. I don't do burying. Even the first, lasted 24 hours, rabbit ended up in a shoe box hurled over the mountain, with a quick prayer mind. Imagine, digging away, burying this yucky looking white plastic bag thing and then the chicken (she thinks she's free range) or second much more healthy rabbit dig it up. Oh joy. You know, there's 'at one with nature' and 'at one with nature'. So, stalemate, it goes in the freezer, to go home with the new parents - so their dogs can dig it up. Off they all go a few days later, having hired a new car because they have so much gear (but clearly conveniently forgetting to fit in you know what) and an hour or so later I get a phone call from some students saying 'we're on the hill, can we have a look at the Lodge'. Sure I say, it's tidy but not cleaned. In they come, nutters of course, who happens to 'just be wondering around the top of the mountain?' Anyway, no-body but no-body looks around and opens the fridge and feezer. OMG, they do - something along the lines of 'is there enough room to freeze our freshy squeezed tree bark in there?' or some such nonsense. And, yes, it's still in there, nicely wrapped in a Buy/Shop/Spend/Whatever-A-Lot bag but still RIGHT THERE. So, nutter one says, 'oops they've left their meat in there'. At this point child 1 pipes up, because she is definitely a piper 'oh no, that's a placenta'.

So, the lesson of the day is, when any nutters want to stay, just ensure you have a placenta or two to hand. You know, what I couldn't even be bothered to explain as they winged their way out of the gate super quick.

Now, isn't there a nice little taste explosion/at one with nature recipe that we could rustle up.....