Sunday, May 24, 2009

School Projects

Yet ANOTHER school project completed.
My brother says it's the same there as here, however, in 'our' day I'm sure
I did everthing all by myself. Now it's the competition of the Mum's - in fact
they should add a little section on the report card - Mrs Sawers, Grade 2 - Term 3 Project Work - A+
Did my lovely daughter appreciate it?
What do you think?
You do know what it is don't you?

Mermaid's Secret, Rosalie

Our friends have just bought this wonderful place.
Fantastic pool and lovely lodges, coupled with the most amazing luxury yurts to sleep the whole family or a romantic place for two - the only place to stay 'in the country'.
Our mermaid diidn't need much encouragement to pose.
Last but not least enjoy an ice cold bevy at the exclusive Mermaid's Tale Bar!
Best of luck to the Williams and long may we BBQ by their very own, privately owned, exclusive Mermaid Pool!

Del Sawers Monte

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in Dominica

It's official I've turned into my Mum.
Today was rainy and chilly - well as chilly goes here so I made the whole family go for the obligatory Sunday walk after lunch. Except, here it's up the mountain and down again. So here they are the top and all remarkably cheerful so we all exchanged photos. Happy Mother's Day to all those involved in childcare wherever you may be - it's the things you think they'll never remember that they always do. Enjoy and thanks Mum for making me me. XX

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Suits you sir

So, I am trying to shop online for 4 of us. Andy did his own - ok Jack springs to mind. Anyway, I spend ages shopping, putting it all in my cart and then can't check out because my card address, delivery address and/or home addresses don't quite tally. Back to good old Amazon who now sell absolutely everything so I pick a few items and then get baffled by XXS XS S M SM M+ etc etc. What happened to 8/10/12, no that would be far too easy. And they start at 0/Zero - how can you possibly be Zero that means you would be a spec a blog whatever, like a Benjamin Button moment. Then I'm forced to look up 'manufacturers size chart' which is all in inches - inches, who uses inches - well, the States still does of course. Maybe if you are a touch outsized as it were it sounds kind of better in inches than in centimetres - maybe. So, I measure the kids, sort of calculate what the rough size might be and then I make a big mistake thinking it will be a fun bonding thing - let's shop online TOGETHER. Well, I did all the 'doesn't that look a lovely sundress/pair of shorts/flips' business and got firm 'no's' all round. So, I gave up and went back to 'dresses' for me. Can I find anything - no, only this one - didn't the mother in Bewitched (1st edition!) wear this? Oh for the days of PRIMARK - I went in once a year, did a trolley dash for all 4 of us ('he' always shopped at proper shops) and 300 quid later we are all sorted for another year. Now how much would it be for just me to just pop on just 2 planes and just pop into Kingston's Primark.............