Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where there's a will there's a way...

There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.

Yes I shared, 4 for me, 1 for you, etc. Convinced the kids that was how quarters are calculated.

You can make anything here.....

but we haven't got a cinema....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going Places - No, You're Not

As I walked past a Travel Agents today, 'Going Places', a sign in the window caught my eye, cheap flights to Panama. (Ok, ok, I haven't quite given up hope of a leaving on a jet plane moment this summer), so I went in and two smartly dressed girls were sitting there talking to each other. Take a seat please said one and they carried on talking and I waited, happily, afterall it was airconditioned in there. My turn came - I say this loosely as I was still the only one. Anyway, here goes:-

Please can you let me know if I can still book the special fares to Panama?
Panama - it's in the window on a flyer
You wanna fly where?
Panama - it's mentioned in the window
Which window?
Your window.
You sure?
Yeah - cheap flights to Panama
So, can I possibly check the fare?
Where to?
Panama - 5 of us please - 2 Adults / 3 Kids
You taking all the kids?
Yes, I was hoping to
1st Assistant: There's nothing in the window
2nd Assistant: I said you should have cleaned up the window
Anyway, can I just check the fares please?
Lots of tapping later - One way?
No, we're coming back.
Where you coming back to?
Err, Dominica
Ok, EC$14,434
So, it's not the fare in the window then?
No, there's nothing in the window.

Who wants to go to Panama anyway. Too many hats.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a dog's life - lucky thing

An Easter-egg hunt proved to be anything but fun for a sweet-toothed Labrador called Buster.

Greedy dog scoffs 12 easter eggs

Buster was treated for chocolate poisoning after gorging on creme eggs

The five-stone pooch ended up with chocolate poisoning after wolfing down a stash of chocolate eggs which he found hidden away in his owner's spare room.

Five-year-old Buster had to be taken to animal hospital where he was admitted to intensive care after devouring 12 eggs and their foil wrapping.

Buster's owner, Brenda Dawes, bought the eggs as Easter treats for her grandchildren.

She said: "When I arrived home one afternoon, Buster came down the stairs, wagging his tail and licking his lips. I knew immediately he'd been up to something.

"He's a terror and chews everything he gets his paws on - mobile phones, video tapes, the remote control."

At first, Buster did not appear to be affected by his binge. However, Ms Dawes was woken in the early hours of the morning by the pet's cries.

Buster is now fully recovered after his binge

"He couldn't stand up, his back legs just kept buckling underneath him.

"His stomach was swollen and he was obviously in a lot of pain. Panicking, I called PDSA and they told me to bring him straight in."

Ms Dawes immediately took the dog to animal charity PDSA's PetAid hospital, near her home in Derby, where he was treated with fluids and kept in for round-the-clock observation.

Buster made a full recovery, but his ordeal has prompted animal welfare officials to issue a pre-Easter warning to anyone who keeps hungry hounds and chocolate under the same roof.

Senior veterinary surgeon Vicky Sims said: "Buster was quite lucky. Creme eggs have a fairly low theobromine content because they're half fondant.

"Higher quality 'posh' chocolates are the most dangerous as they have high concentrated doses of theobromine - which poisons pets.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wot no eggs?

Complete and utter lack of chocolate eggs here. I am dreaming about Cadburys Creme Eggs for a start. I can smell the lovely little bakery in Belgium which was overflowing with eggs. Fortunately the kids are completely nonplussed....

Summer Hols

Trying to plan our summer holiday at the moment. Wherever we have lived we have always taken a summer holiday, involving a flight, with the children. So I've been investigating various options for this summer including a house swap in the US, a visit to a neighbouring island and a 7 day cruise departing from San Juan. The kids would adore the latter with full on entertainment and unlimited junk food but reading through the Carnival reviews, the hairy chest competition (honestly - Google 'Carnival Hairy Chest') featured highly as a major highlight and I'm not sure Andy & I could take 7 nights of such excitement.

The US option was very appealing for lots of reasons, shopping, a trip to Disney, meeting up with my BF from Belgium who is hoping to visit Floirda this summer too, a little house hunt etc. But before we even get there the cost is just under US4K - now we'd have to buy a lot of stuff online and pay a lot in freight and charges to get even close to that figure.

So, sometimes the answer in under your nose. Why would we actually want to leave here this summer really. We don't have island fever, yet, most of the family are coming to visit this year and we still haven't done all the things everyone else does when they come for a holiday.

Must remember to chuck my towel on that sunlounger before breakfast mind.......