Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sisserou Lodge

We've just had great guests staying. It takes a lot of time and effort getting the Lodge all sorted and stocking it all up with everything from shampoo to sugar and more. When people appreciate it so much that they bake you bread and give you wine then it makes it all worthwhile. They liked Dominica so much too that they bought a plot of land as well. Best of luck!

Eat your heart out Bird's Eye

We did it. Is this great or is this great? It tastes fantastic too - not as fantastic as chocolate I know but pretty close. This growing it yourself lark is really growing on me. We've even bought a freezer. One day it may have more veg in it than ice cream. One day.

Flipping Fantastic

Time flies. We are now all out all day and life is too busy at the moment. We didn't come here to be too busy so shortly I'm downsizing my workload - lucky me. However today was a rare relaxing family day with friends, away from town and in the middle of nowhere enjoying someone else's view, which although completely different to ours is as spectacular. To top it all we had chocolate pancakes - real pancakes - not precooked pretending to be pancakes a few hours later type pancakes from a real chef in a setting straight out of Hansel & Gretel. How cool is that. As we drove off the kids were moaning saying why couldn't we stay the night. I went through a list of various reasons to no avail until I threw in as a last resort - well, they have no fridge. That stopped them in their tracks. Silence. Five minutes later - don't worry Mummy, we can always stick our drawings up on the wall. Is it me?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Compassion & Respect

Lots has happened recently. People stuff which I can't blog - that'll have to wait for the book with the supporting line 'this is all fiction and any resemblance etc is purely a conincidence'. I always wondered why some authors didn't use their real name.

Talking of which, well publishing, we've been featured (on why we moved) in a two page spread in the latest issue of the Caribbean Hot Property magazine. From this we've already had a booking for the Lodge, so that's good. I've also had a lot of requests for an overall update on the 'are we there yet?' theme. Must find time for that, guess folks don't just want an 'I'm here' report.

Andy's well worn Teva's go into semi-retirement from the 16th March when his project managing the house & garden completion finishes and he's whisked back into office life. Arrggghh shame hey. The second biggest shock will be to Scarlett who thought they were BFF.


This was great!
The streets were all closed and it was a pleasure to walk around without having to negotiate cars or bumpy pavements.

The steel band was fab too.

The people who docked from the cruise ship that day had a real treat.

For some, it was just a tad too noisy......

It's All Done - that wasn't long was it.....