Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here's looking at you

So, you're probably bored of me talking about my great views into the National Stadium and beyond

So, here's the view back up to Sisserou Villa and Sisserou Lodge and the now brown soon to be green area below us.

Thanks Tropically Tied.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

From here to infinity

So, the site is being prepared for the pool and the race is on to get it finished (retaining wall and concrete base) before the guy who's building it arrives from England on the 8th October....ummm. We can't control the rain or the builder for that matter so here's hoping.... Squeezing it all into this location will definitely make it an infinity pool a.k.a. kids fall off the edge of a mountain pool.

Ok, I made bread again today as Celia ridiculed my flatness. So, here's a full on padded version. Ner ner ner ner herrrrr...

The bedroom curtains are all being completed today downstairs. It's such a fantastic view from our bedroom that it's a shame to put anything up - even at 6am it still manages to lift me as I stumble out of bed.

Last but not least the gardener is here raking the land and planting grass seed and also planting all the citrus trees. Three years to wait until they bear fruit mind you unless we feed them, Desmond (the gardener said) - feed them, I nodded wisely thinking of the Little Shop of Horrors....never a dull moment in the Caribbean...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sisserou Lodge


Another busy week:-

Chloe got two awards at school on Friday for being top swot. Makes you think because the Caribbean is a nation of encouraging the 3 R's the minute you leave the womb. Chloe has been schooled in Dutch and only started at 6 (a year ago) which proves the point that we all get there in the end and the ultimate benefits of play in the interim.

I came over all Delia/Martha this weekend and made bread. You can't beat the aroma and the taste of hot buttered bread fresh from the oven is a Mastercard moment. However, will I make more, I don't know, takes forever and a large loaf is only 5 EC$ afterall.

Last but not least, our awnings are up and don't we look all Homes & Gardens or possibly a Brighton beachside cafe.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

It was THIS BIG honey!

Came home from work to the digger today - levelling our plot and filling in the old site of the swimming pool. I shouted out to him that I'd changed my mind but he didn't find that very funny....This is the first time I have walked down to the bottom of our plot, tottering down in fact in my dress and kitten heels - yeah I know I should have got changed. A picture of me would have been funnier than these I guess. Anyway, it's amazing what you find when you clear a site - besides lots of rum bottles from the mini distillery that was here before us - we discovered grapefruit and avocado trees. In danger of sounding like a fisherman, well any man in fact, they are THIS BIG - huge ok - not sure my photos do them justice - do my photos ever do justice to Dominica need to visit Tropically Tied for those or just come and visit. Sisserou Lodge is now taking bookings....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday night on the town!

Had a great night out - was very relaxing and we met some great people. Best of all I had the best cake ever - thank you Sissy! When we got home the Stadium was all lit up for the first time - I think we'll be able to sell tickets to see the Creole festival from up here. Actually, cake & creole entry tickets must be a winning forumula....

The keys are in the lock, come on in mate...

So, I'm conditioned now, a Stepford Wife, one of the crowd, you name it - I get up at 6am and go to bed at 9pm. I just can't stay awake, even for Grey's Anatomy and guess what this Thursday it's the premier of the new season and 2 hours long. So, I've sent Andy off into town today to buy a videotape - yes a videotape - afterall we had to buy a new video to make our cable TV work so we might as well use it to tape on. So after a many years of DVD's & Sky + it's back to videotapes. Oh well if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Security update - our system is ordered but we have to wait a month. So, we leave lights on, have the music on and leave the house looking occupied or with a house sitter when we're out and about at weekends. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Screw's Spa - it was fantastic, we were the only ones there, the kids loved it and Andy & I got to chat in peace. Afterwards we were given a complimentary fruit platter and we sat and listened to some reggae and chilled, ok, we had a rum punch too - well it was this nice pink shade, really pretty... Anyway, this clearly led me into a completely horizontal state as this morning I discovered that when I'd opened up the house on our return, I had in fact left the keys in the front door all night. So there you go, we are ok afterall. The rogue burglar roaming Dominica had an open invite and didn't take it - maybe he thought it was a sting and upon entering he would have been met with 'Freeze, you're under arrest pal!'. Or maybe I watch too much TV - well, used to.

House update - the electrician came and we have lights. The curtain pole man is coming tomorrow so we will have curtains in all the bedrooms. The unpacking is ongoing & ongoing & ongoing.

Guest House - nearly there, yipee. The 6ft x 6ft bed was made yesterday. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune going on holiday and having a pokey uncomfortable bed is there? Well, not at Sisserou Lodge - your bed will be fab and you can enjoy the most spectacular view from it too. Must check in for a night or two...

Swimming pool - work commences on Monday with the digger who will prepare all the garden too ie. flatten it for the landscaper. Still discussing the decking around the pool and what will be best. When I say discussing, I'm saying 'I want' and the builder is saying 'Well, this is what you can have'. We're a few lengths apart at the moment. Pesky budgets!

Off to a party tonight to meet other new people (yeah, I know). Hopefully I will pick up a few more survival tips and contribute the odd one too - like, this is the cheapest Cadburys Fruit & Nut supplier or, changing to rum & coke is much cheaper than white wine. See, no mozzies on me....