Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ollie has to take something 'living' into school tomorrow. His heart was set on a crab. Nevermind that the house is full of easy to catch geckos (or is the plural gecki (?)) and other wildlife, no we had to trek to the beach (it's a hard life) and run around with our jam jar poised to pounce. Do you know how quickly crabs move? I do. Anyway, successful mission. Tonight I said we should feed it. Feed it? said Andy looking at me as if I was bonkers - well I don't want it dead before school tomorrow. It would be like the Monty Python parrot sketch wouldn't it. So, I suggested bread. More 'are you deranged?' stares my way. Now I sit guiltily and worried that it won't survive the night.....all I can think of is this caviar (a present) in the fridge - are crabs cannibals, sort of? Well they must all be mates in the sea, musn't they? I tell you, the homework these teachers give these days......:)

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