Saturday, March 7, 2009

Compassion & Respect

Lots has happened recently. People stuff which I can't blog - that'll have to wait for the book with the supporting line 'this is all fiction and any resemblance etc is purely a conincidence'. I always wondered why some authors didn't use their real name.

Talking of which, well publishing, we've been featured (on why we moved) in a two page spread in the latest issue of the Caribbean Hot Property magazine. From this we've already had a booking for the Lodge, so that's good. I've also had a lot of requests for an overall update on the 'are we there yet?' theme. Must find time for that, guess folks don't just want an 'I'm here' report.

Andy's well worn Teva's go into semi-retirement from the 16th March when his project managing the house & garden completion finishes and he's whisked back into office life. Arrggghh shame hey. The second biggest shock will be to Scarlett who thought they were BFF.

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