Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The road to our house at the very top of the mountain has been fixed, proper tarmac, super wide and scary free driving. This took 9 months.

The road to our house at the very top of the mountain (no I don't have alzheimer's yet) has just been completely dug up, is very narrow, is full of pot holes and super scary slidey (sp?) in the rain now.

Mr Road Man does not communicate with Mr Water Pipe Man in the Utilities Department I guess then, too busy dealing with Mr Bin Man most likely. (you'll have to Google that - Dominica bingate scandal).

My family have probably had enough of being dragged around the old ruins in Dominica. Everyone else goes to the beach or river they tell me but oh no we have to rubber neck. They'll thank me one day.

Our housekeeper took a loan and then has been house moving for the last 3 weeks so I think she may not come back. So I'm permanently at the kitchen sink but it could be worse - at least the view's great.

My friend Celia has my children for a whole afternoon for me and doesn't complain - until she's out of earshot. Ceels, what would I do without you....

Our class field trip today was to the Indian River - fantastic - here's Ollie & a large crab and me - his classmate had my camera - honestly! Scarlett went to an adventure park for hers and was fearless, sort of.

I had a fight with the carpark barrier in Astaphans and lost so I'm a third bumperless with a fair amount of yellow paint added. I thought it was fairly minor until Andy asked where all the missing pieces were. Fairly major then. Ollie tells me we shouldn't use that carpark again. They probably don't want me anywhere near their carpark again.

Finally, the slothful behaviour of the year award goes to Oliver.

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