Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Green, well pink polished fingers

Gardening sort of creeps ('scuse the pun) up on you and grabs you and you can't shake it off, here in particular because it is particularly easy for pretty much everything to grow.

I was Villa hunting yesterday for my husband's colleague and was lucky enough to be shown around the most fantastic garden, all of which had been planted within the last 5 years. Some things the owner pointed out I knew but others I just nodded at enthusiastically, particularly at some ying yang bush and another two bushes which had the most amazing smelling leaves - one smokey and one minty - maybe the second one is to get rid of the smell of the first one. Another 2 trees produced red and white flowers at Christmas time so very apt. However, her most impressive success, to me, was a date palm, planted literally from a date seed and now 20 feet tall. I even stroked it. Ok ok at least I didn't talk to it. Anyway, I came home all full of inspiration and still not a clue but there again isn't gardening 99% enthusiasm and 1% at least knowing the names of what you want to buy at the nursery.


Jae said...

yup.. I know the christmas ones. Pointsetta turns red and Snow on the mountain turns white during christmas. Gardeners usually plant them very near each other for the disired effect.

Destination Dominica said...

Thanks Jae! Hoping that my husband's colleage will take the place and I can sneak a few cuttings out! On the lookout for dates too - having lived in the Middle East for 10 years they were coming out of our ears but it's a tad more tricky finding them here....but if I look hard enough, I am sure it's possible!