Friday, January 15, 2010

New Balcony & Chocolate (again again I know I know!)

So, builders builders builders, one of the most popular questions I get asked and the most stories you hear the world over though, of things that went horribly wrong. Anyway, I know two sets of great builders - one that builds in the Dominican way and by this I mean with Dominican finishes and the other with more European finishes so we are currently revamping parts of the house to combine the best of both. So the 'when in Rome' expression will become 'when in Dominica but with a touch of Dubai'. I have friends though that have built importing absolutely everything and there's a fully functional American dream house here that Martha Stewart would be proud of and another friend is starting the process and importing everything from the UK. Her house will be STUNNING (pressure's on KS!) and will combine European perfection set amongst Dominican beauty.

Until you live here you don't realise how important outside space is, however, until you live here you don't realise how much rain there is. So you need outside space that is waterproof. So, this is our latest addition.

ps The chocolates were an amazing gift yesterday from a very very nice person who has just relocated....every new balcony needs some......and nice and normal relocators!!


Negative Al + Positive Sally said...

We think it looks delicious!!!!

TropicallyTied said...

The balcony doesn't impress me half as much as the chocolate....sigh!!!!

Ryan Kay said...

WOW, is that your view! Were heading down to St. Thomas for a month and I can't wait! How do you like living down there? It's beautiful from your pictures.