Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Weekend In The Country - Mermaid's Secret, Dominica

So, here you go, enjoy and don't ask me what the flowers are. However, spot the coffee beans, limes, cocoa, nutmeg, pineapple, cashew nuts (really cool!) etc....It's getting booked up what are you waiting for?


TropicallyTied said...

ooo lordy I feel a photo competition coming on ;-).
Wow what an amazing array of flora, frut etc
Love the sign...How would the mermaids get there then ?

Destination Dominica said...

I knew that you'd be impressed, well just a likkle (sic) bit....don't worry you are still the mistress of all photographic, so no 'mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best photographer in Dominica?' moment just yet.

As for the mermaids, Scarlett saw LOADS (derr, stupid) so I guess the secret's safe with her....