Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's all about the really is...

I saw this poster today and thought how apt it was for Dominica and my kids especially. What a week of 'moments' they have had. In the spirit of 'life' school, I took my children off for a day to go to the beach with friends and their Grandma who is here only briefly. Where else in the world could you do this so easily and spend the day on a deserted beach with a rope swing to keep you happy for hours. A day or two later this was followed by a beach bar, fun playing on the rocks, chilling round a table, whilst being engulfed almost by the most amazing and constantly changing sunset. To finish it all off another day another adventure involving fantastic local food. No requests for burger and chips from my lot - lobster all round please. Will it be these 'moments' they remember? Wow, I really do hope so.

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