Saturday, March 19, 2011

Self-Catering Dominica - The places you really want to stay at.....

Been working the last month or so on compiling a list of the 'best of the best' that Dominica has to offer in self-catering. There is no definitive list anywhere and only one company here who exclusively provide, quite frankly, a truly shabby service. I'm not saying I am going to provide this service but I am going to tell you where to go - literally - well not that literally ok. So you are guaranteed to be able to stay with people who will welcome you not only with a smile but a welcome pack and hold your hand if required. The people who will ensure your children have a box of toys if necessary or you have a supply of cassava bread if you are gluten free. Yes, these people - the hidden gems of Dominica.

I have seen some amazing places - from jungle top notch, Vera Wang sheets, cabins to take your breath away villas. The experience has taught me that yes, the rainforest and the seaview can be equally as stunning.

So, take your time, have a look when it is published online and think about making the best of your visit and time to Dominica. Stay in the opulent Villa for one night, experience the rainforest for a couple more and then end up maybe trying a dive or too near the beach. Now you can experience it with support and no smelly nylon sheets in sight.


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