Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yo, time flies. What a difference a year makes. Having fun, a lot of fun here in paradise. International cricket just came and went with ice cold Kubuli - I hate beer but there's something about cricket, peer pressure, an Emirates chiller to hold it in and beer with slivers of ice in it that turns hate to love, I think. And I also fell in love with 'Doubles' but I'm sure the description won't translate so take my word for it that bread, chickpeas, sauce and mango chutney all wrapped up together for only US$2 is the best scoff ever. Yep, I know, just take my word for it - on day two I did bring my own fork into the ground though because they are a tad sloppy. On site handbag check didn't pick it up but did moan about my lippy. Clearly wielding lippy is far more dangerous than posh pronged fork. AP photographers and Reuters journalists made the most of the Villa and couldn't believe their luck. I couldn't believe how many crates of Kubuli we had to remove at the end. Best of all they left cartons of Starbucks ice-cream in the freezer - usually I'm blessed with some mac & cheese. Next there's a wedding. Brave souls - swapping the cabana on the beach in full view of everyone in the Dominican Republic to a secluded spot in Dominica but what an amazing spot hey - look at this spectacular view.
Plus we have just hosted a wedding too and I understand the sounds of partying reached far and wide. Dominicans know how to hold a good wedding. There's more babies than weddings here mind - those swinging locks make for swinging partners for sure. Sold my favourite house in Dominica to a very nice man from Belgium. Hoping his container contains an abundant supply of Grimbergen and Neuhaus. Whatever, he is soon to be guaranteed a front seat to watch the best sunsets in the world shortly. Hollywood came and went with a lot of name dropping. Hollywood returning to complete their story. This will result in the funniest 'This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. That'll make the snorters snort.... New expat restaurant opened. Can't quite get my head round ordering spag bol in a restaurant but hey, the salad was nice and the service good. Best pizzas in town are pizza oven cooked at the French bakery. So much so, project pizza oven is commencing at home shortly. A very nice peace corps worker will supervise being an expert in such things with all proceeds going to The Cause in Portsmouth. Win win all round. Plus, he makes the best calabash bowls in history - sold before they're even made - get your order in now. And so, life goes round.

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great post, Glad you are back I missed your for while. And as always the Dominica view is amazing