Sunday, September 21, 2008


Another busy week:-

Chloe got two awards at school on Friday for being top swot. Makes you think because the Caribbean is a nation of encouraging the 3 R's the minute you leave the womb. Chloe has been schooled in Dutch and only started at 6 (a year ago) which proves the point that we all get there in the end and the ultimate benefits of play in the interim.

I came over all Delia/Martha this weekend and made bread. You can't beat the aroma and the taste of hot buttered bread fresh from the oven is a Mastercard moment. However, will I make more, I don't know, takes forever and a large loaf is only 5 EC$ afterall.

Last but not least, our awnings are up and don't we look all Homes & Gardens or possibly a Brighton beachside cafe.....

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