Monday, September 15, 2008

It was THIS BIG honey!

Came home from work to the digger today - levelling our plot and filling in the old site of the swimming pool. I shouted out to him that I'd changed my mind but he didn't find that very funny....This is the first time I have walked down to the bottom of our plot, tottering down in fact in my dress and kitten heels - yeah I know I should have got changed. A picture of me would have been funnier than these I guess. Anyway, it's amazing what you find when you clear a site - besides lots of rum bottles from the mini distillery that was here before us - we discovered grapefruit and avocado trees. In danger of sounding like a fisherman, well any man in fact, they are THIS BIG - huge ok - not sure my photos do them justice - do my photos ever do justice to Dominica need to visit Tropically Tied for those or just come and visit. Sisserou Lodge is now taking bookings....

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