Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

So, we park our car in Pointe Baptiste village and walk down a dirt track for 10 minutes or so until we reach the beach. It's breathtaking, white sand but fairly impressive waves ensure we don't walk too close to the shoreline. You can see the end of the beach to the left and right. The kids run off to the left so we follow behind. Now, I'm lazy on these beaches, I sort of drift up and down the middle and can never be quite bothered to go to the very end, however, Scarlett was determinedly striding on so I had to follow. On reaching the end I spotted two very smart teak chairs nestled amongst the palm trees. I looked around and saw no-one except two children playing. I got a bit nervous imagining all sorts of horrors having happened to their parents (well, you always read these family at beach go missing headline tragedies on Christmas Eve don't you?). So, I asked them 'were they looking forward to tomorrow and what did they want from Santa Claus?'....child one then reeled off a whole list of things all beginning with two letters and ending in several numbers, none of which I'd heard of but nodded with a fixed smile on my face whilst ascertaining she's definitely not local, child two then said she wanted a Rubix cube, I warmed to her immediately. At that point a lady in white linen floaty trousers, silk top and lots of gold appeared from no-where, with a crystal glass in her hand and smiled warmly. Phew, she must be somone's mother I thought and realised I could now abandon them without feeling guilty. Upon turning around I heard more clinking of glass and spotted some lights twinkling through the palm trees. Andy then told me to go and look. Why me? Why do I have to be the great adventurer - I like to be the one following. Anyway,I did what I usually do and found a child (yes, one of mine) and pushed them forwards into the undergrowth, so I could look like I was following them. Well, 10 steps in and I see a scene straight out of Fantasy Island - 5* beach bar, lovely solid tables, comfortable seats and all set upon perfect sand. I then realise I am amongst the beautiful people too and whilst I am looking suitably windswept and mother of three-ish, with bulging pockets of just-in-case items, they are all looking like Ralph Lauren beach photoshoot models. I get close to the bar and my heart starts thumping, it's someone's house, I'm going to get evicted swiftly. As I turn to leave, a lady appears before me, with the largest smile accompanied by 'welcome to my bar, have a glass of ice cold Chardonnay'. I was speechless. I'd got in and hadn't even had to utter a secret password to cross the threshold. What was this amazing place, welcoming host and would the Odd Job character suddenly appear and say 'Mrs Sawers, your fantasy has begun'. I found myself a seat, sat down, relaxed and thought about all my friends and family that I'd like to join me at this very minute. Dominica - Defy the Everyday - you bet.


Jae said...

This is an absolutely excellent post. Such a dreamy image you've drawn in my mind! Ever got to know the name of the place?

Fiona said...

Thanks a lot!
It is Red Rock Haven - Gina was the very nice lady. They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays I believe.