Monday, December 1, 2008

Yum yum, lovely love

Busy busy busy lately. Time flies - can't believe it's nearly Christmas - got the decorations out over the weekend - the kids will get really excited when we unpack them - however, their biggest concern is Santa Clause finding them as we'll be travelling around, aka gypsies really, for 10 days

Found new hot pools recently and finally had a bath. Our builder was horrified when we rejected all the baths in the house in favour of showers only and he insisted on leaving plumbing - sticking out naturally.

Also, Andy attempted bagels with the kids - trying to compete with my magnificent baps (ok ok) no doubt.... Anyway, it all went swimmingly until a 7hr power cut ensured that they rose like the Eiffel Tower then proceeded to deflate over the hours finally resembling flattened dehydrated doughnuts. Andy was determined to cook them so we (me), every morning, are crunching into these bagels resembling those toy turds you see in joke shops. They taste ok mind, well not NY cinnamon & raisin bagels but if you don't succeed first time, try............well, I sincerely hope not...

Work started on the pool today - I didn't see any difference myself but nodded enthusiastically upon my return from gotta stay positive....

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