Saturday, January 17, 2009

No, it's not finished yet

We've finally found decent contractors. Let me tell you, the only way to find reliable and skilled workers is to do the hard graft yourself and search and look and inspect work. The other option is to take a chance on 'new' workers as it were - those that have always reported to others but have never branched out for themselves. Well, we plucked two of these out and gave them their first contract to complete from start to finish. They are doing the pool decking and fencing. Having learned the hard way ie. flying a so called skilled labourer out from the UK, who instead just enjoyed a free scuba diving holiday with his girlfriend and then being recomended a few duffers who called themselves by various professions that they must have chosen from a lucky dip hat - ie. the housekeeper who wouldn't iron in the rain (so half the year) to the temporary nanny who told the children to go and play whilst she watched TV, we are now on our way to having a pool of people to call on that are skilled and actually show up - even in the rain. Talking of pools, here's a teaser......

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