Saturday, January 17, 2009


Had to catch the bus last week. So, I find the correct bus stop and there's 10 buses in a row so I go to the front one. No, that's not right, the correct procedure is to find the one that's completely full and then you squeeze in. Well, actually you find the one with no seats, lots of shouting ensues and then you are directed into a small space - with 2 kids on your lap with 2 school backpacks. Chloe gave me that, 'are you completely mad' look and I smile and give her that fixed 'what an adventure this is, don't argue with me' smile. So we set off - not as the crow flies but some strange back route but at least we're working our way up the mountain (we live at the top) so things are looking up ('scuse the pun). Suddently a lound 'stop-pinnn' is shouted out from somewhere - it has to be loud because of blaring IPOD's, numerous cell phones going and a conversation taking place between the driver and the person on the back seat and front seat at the same time, of course. Anyway, the bus stops and everyone looks at me but I'm not quite sure why. Then I twig, I'm next to the door so I'm doorman/woman/whatever. So, how do I open the door with 2 kids on my lap and nowhere to put them whilst trying to get the door. So I do this leaning right over thing and just about manage it. More looking at me. Umm, I have to close it too I guess. More leaning and sweating and humiliation as I can't quite do it - well it's a sliding door on a minibus half-way up a mountain - it's heavy ok and I've just been given specific instructions 'don't let it slam'. How can you not slam a sliding door on a 45 degree angle. More looking at me. Then my cell phone (I'd say mobile b I've been brainwashed here to cell language) bleeps with a text message saying 'In Belga Queen, having champagne and oysters, wish you were here'. How my life's changed....miss you loads Mel XX

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