Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer Hols

Trying to plan our summer holiday at the moment. Wherever we have lived we have always taken a summer holiday, involving a flight, with the children. So I've been investigating various options for this summer including a house swap in the US, a visit to a neighbouring island and a 7 day cruise departing from San Juan. The kids would adore the latter with full on entertainment and unlimited junk food but reading through the Carnival reviews, the hairy chest competition (honestly - Google 'Carnival Hairy Chest') featured highly as a major highlight and I'm not sure Andy & I could take 7 nights of such excitement.

The US option was very appealing for lots of reasons, shopping, a trip to Disney, meeting up with my BF from Belgium who is hoping to visit Floirda this summer too, a little house hunt etc. But before we even get there the cost is just under US4K - now we'd have to buy a lot of stuff online and pay a lot in freight and charges to get even close to that figure.

So, sometimes the answer in under your nose. Why would we actually want to leave here this summer really. We don't have island fever, yet, most of the family are coming to visit this year and we still haven't done all the things everyone else does when they come for a holiday.

Must remember to chuck my towel on that sunlounger before breakfast mind.......

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