Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going Places - No, You're Not

As I walked past a Travel Agents today, 'Going Places', a sign in the window caught my eye, cheap flights to Panama. (Ok, ok, I haven't quite given up hope of a leaving on a jet plane moment this summer), so I went in and two smartly dressed girls were sitting there talking to each other. Take a seat please said one and they carried on talking and I waited, happily, afterall it was airconditioned in there. My turn came - I say this loosely as I was still the only one. Anyway, here goes:-

Please can you let me know if I can still book the special fares to Panama?
Panama - it's in the window on a flyer
You wanna fly where?
Panama - it's mentioned in the window
Which window?
Your window.
You sure?
Yeah - cheap flights to Panama
So, can I possibly check the fare?
Where to?
Panama - 5 of us please - 2 Adults / 3 Kids
You taking all the kids?
Yes, I was hoping to
1st Assistant: There's nothing in the window
2nd Assistant: I said you should have cleaned up the window
Anyway, can I just check the fares please?
Lots of tapping later - One way?
No, we're coming back.
Where you coming back to?
Err, Dominica
Ok, EC$14,434
So, it's not the fare in the window then?
No, there's nothing in the window.

Who wants to go to Panama anyway. Too many hats.