Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am getting so much grief for the picture of my Dad still lingering there so here we go....School finished, YIPEE, the kids are now in a really fun Summer Camp - Irie Eco - fun activities including free play (yeah!!) and day trips and not a sign of 'Phonics is Fun' anywhere. Summer holidays are summer holidays for children - the clues are in the words you know....they are going to do a week at Art Camp too...lucky guys.

Anyway, we had a fun week off altogether recently in Calibishie...it's Melrose Place crossed with Desperate Housewives but a very pretty Melrose Place nonetheless and reality TV is on your doorstep, quite literally.

Up there we found a fab bakery - real bread and real cakes, obviously most of them involving chocolate...anyway I rang the number:-

Hello is this the bakery?


You know bread?

Oh yeah.

And cakes?

Yeah but I'm at the bus stop now.

Ok, but can I order some naan bread and chocolate cake plse?

Yes but you will have to ring back for the cake.

So I can order the bread now and the cake later - cool, I
will have some onion bread and some naan bread and I will
ring back about the cake order.

Yeah man, no problem.

When's a good time to ring back?


Yeah, I know later, but later - this evening?

September would be better...

Anyway, his bread is fantastic, impossible to find the bakery of course and yes, it's half way up a mountain, like everywhere, but definitely worth persevering.

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