Tuesday, July 28, 2009

International Cricket

Well cricket finally came to Dominica and we decided to take everyone as we've never actually been in the Stadium although we can see quite clearly down upon it. Well, I bought the tickets and the lady said, in a warning tone, the party stand is for people who don't watch cricket - great, that's me. So I really haven't a clue what when on. There was a swimming pool for the kids to splash about it, a very loud band and a bar. The bar consisted of 'he who shouts the loudest gets served'. This resulted in the lady behind me getting either a) so frustrated by my quiet '2 beers please' requests or b) she realised I had absolutely no hope in hell of ever getting served at the bar. The latter was true - the conversations were all shouts and everyone knew everyone else and everyone was stealing everyone elses order from the poor guys serving. Complete and utter chaos. So, back to the lady behind me, who simply treated me like a helpless toddler and took over my order and secured my drinks. So cheers to her.

Secondly, thanks to all the people who took pictures of us including Woody & Celia.

Also, Celia took the picture of Sisserou Villa and Lodge from the stadium and the spectacular mural we now have adjoinging the two properties and surrounding the pool.

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