Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lie back and enjoy the ride

So, I have a week's holiday. Yipee. Am so excited. Well 3 nights of no sleep as the International (how posh we are) Creole Festival is on and as I've been boasting we do get a bird's eye view. We also get an amplified sound up here too coupled with fireworks at the end of each night - 5am or so.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going on an organised tourist type tour - in a real car - I hope - to the other side of the island - read that as practically going to Cornwall from London. A big trip. In fact, a packing list is definitely required with must have tourist items to ensure I fit in.

Did I mention I'm doing this trip solo as my husband is on a jolly to Antigua to watch some ball game where the winners get a US$1M bucks. Why don't the winners just share? Beats me. Anyway, I will post some pics of the unexplored island after my big adventure. Rum punch is provided too so better snap away early on. In the meantime, here's me by the river just before Ollie decided to drown himself. Yeah, he's still with us. He went white water rafting solo I guess you could say as Andy valiantly scrambled after him, broke his toe and cracked his shin. Ollie meanwhle resurfaced half way down the river asking if he could do it again. He loves it here he really does.

ps Scarf is due to urgent hi-lite requirement and not some new fashion statement...

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