Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really? Yes, wheelie....

Fond Cole Sanitary Landfill Site Office

ME: I was told I might be able to buy a wheelie bin here?

OFFICE: Wheelie bin?

ME: Yeah...

OFFICE: Err, not sure if we have the wheels.

ME: Ok, can I just buy a bin then, for rubbish?

OFFICE: For trash?

ME: Yes please, a wheelie bin?

OFFICE: It's not a wheelie bin if we don't have wheels. Elivs, we got any wheels left?

ME: Ok, no worries, plse can I just buy a bin then?

OFFICE: You want a bin?

ME: Yeah, a wheelie bin.

OFFICE: A bin, no wheels left. Elivs, we got any wheels?
Elvis: Maybe, round the back...

ME: Ok, great, I'll just have those.

OFFICE: Do you want this one? (Semi used one outside office)

ME: Do you possibly have a new one? (Pedantic, I know, but starting off with a clean one wld be nice)

OFFICE: They're expensive.

ME: How much?

OFFICE: Expensive.

ME: Well, how much are wheelie bins then?

OFFICE: I'll see if I can get you some wheels for it - so, 300 dollars.

ME: Wow, that's a lot, I would really like a new one then, with wheels plse.

OFFICE: You want wheels? A wheelie bin then?
Ok, there's a new one round the back, you can just take that.

ME: Great thanks. (Pay cheque)

OFFICE: By the way Mam, we call them "poo bells"


Jae said...

Ha ha ha ha. Poo Bells? LOL.. You know what. I think all these relations of Dominican experiences are very funny.. and on the other hand are quite a horror. (More funny though.. :) This 'poo bell' thing, i think Dominicans picked that up from the french word for bin. But you may have to confirm that!

poetryfanatic said...

yes, its actually une poubelle for garbage bin, poo belle is just our creole for it, not sure how it exactly is spelt though

Fiona said...

Jae / Poetryfantatic
Every day I live and learn here - always one step behind mind!

Many thanks for writing.