Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What no suit & tie?

Perception - funny old thing. People like you to fit in a mould and if you don't they often either ridicule or speculate.

One of our passions is property and the excitement and anticipation on the possible return on an investment. A lot of time was spent discussing the pros and cons of building Sisserou Lodge as an investment as opposed to investing the money elsewhere.

Since its completion, Andy has spent a lot of time on the marketing of it. Adverts were placed - that's relatively easy; the time consuming hard work is the visits to local hotels (for referrals), tour operators, restaurant owners, the tourist board etc etc. This is then followed up with phone calls, emails etc. It's a continual and ongoing process.

Anyway, it has taken time and a lot of effort but Andy has pulled it off and from Saturday we have a 12 week booking in the Guest House which immediately represents a 10% return on our investment.

Go on, think out of the box for a change....

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