Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Employed !!!

So, I got an email today headed 'Congratulations' - how cool is that. I got the job - yipee - help!

Andy beat me to it and got the 'Congratulations' phone call on Friday offering him a job he really wanted too with a great company and he can work from home combined with some inter-Caribbean and Miami travel.

Two years in the planning and it's all coming together now, I can relax, a bit, however, there's always something overlooked in the planning process you know - do you think anyone "out there" does three-tone 'oh so natural' highlights? I'm not sure I'm at the L'Oreal 'it's so easy you can do it yourself with the special comb' stage quite yet - maybe I can train Chloe up.........she's already agreed to work in Sisserou Lodge.......may have to increase her minimum wage now...


TropicallyTied said...

Congrats Fiona and with regard to "do you think anyone "out there" does three-tone 'oh so natural' highlights" wait till you meet Caprice. He can work wonders :-) Paul goes to him and he keeps telling Paul he should really have highlights, so there you go.

Fiona said...

Thanks a lot Celia!
Great news - who needs the sun then when Caprice is around. Will keep my eyes peeled for a hint of a tint on young Paul from now on....and I expect to see it duly noted in the Index when his great Dominica Bradt Travel Guide is next reprinted..