Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's been a truly heart stopping rollercoaster lately but things now seem on a fairly even keel - thank goodness. In the end life insurance through Dominica wasn't possible (even we couldn't arrange a long distance medical) so we did it here in Belgium for twice the price and half the hassle, so we thought. However, because the NBD want it assigned both in the policy document and then another form of their own, ING lingered and lingered and lingered even more. Finally yesterday we got everything, signed, witnessed and notarised and scanned it and couriered it. So from our side we had done everything and then we were told that NBD hadn't received the buildings insurance confirmation from Trinidad but a letter from the broker in Dominica would suffice. So, I think Monday everyone should have their money finally and phase 2 of our project can commence. It can't come soon enough.

The other good news is that our townhouse in Turks & Caicos has finally been refurbished. I thought it was going to be a 'Changing Rooms' type project but lovely Michelle, whose passion is redecorating, has made it into a 'Grand Designs' project. Finding the budget for that was creativity in itself... However, nothing is straightforward and the furniture from Miami arrived broken (glass table) and had to be returned and replaced, so this exercise hasn't been plain sailing either. The great news is that it's all done now though and a new tenant moves in on the 23rd June with an improved new rent achieved by the full makeover. When I get pictures I will post them.

Last but not least I had my telephone interview - 5 people, 45 minutes long. It was hard as it is impossible to gauge feedback and the line wasn't great but I did my best. In hindsight, yes I spent all night going over my answers, there are a few things I wish I'd said differently and my answer on my most memorable lesson plan was probably not the most academic choice but it had stuck in my memory as the kids had loved doing it so much. Anyway, what will be will be.

The packers come in 23 days, am I ready, what do you think?

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