Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remembering who it's all about

Chloe has exams from today until next Friday. Exams at 6, wow. I had to sign a form for school to give permission for her to take them. What if I hadn't signed - would she have just sat there reading a book watching her friends?

Yesterday, the girls were asked to be bridesmaids at a family wedding in the UK in December. It's a really tough one - they would adore it - every girl's dream to dress up as a princess in a fairytale venue. I was always the (runaway) bride but never the bridesmaid. The practicalities are another matter though - flying back to the UK in December and then the logistics of getting to the remote, middle of nowhere location coupled with the overall cost. But it may be their only chance.....

Can't imagine why they didn't ask Ollie to be their pageboy.
A swallowed ring will reappear won't it?

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