Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trolley Dash

One more day to go and then the packers come. Today we have spent all day getting rid of junk and packing 3 suitcases for our 6 weeks in transit. Yesterday we did a trolley dash to Primark in Maidstone, I stayed downstairs and left Andy upstairs in the children's section. Big mistake - he came down with 4 bags and I had 1. He can't resist anything that says 1.50 on it. Ollie now has the largest t-shirt collection ever and it's not like I can pass his down to Scarlett. We then tried for school uniforms - well no-one has blue socks - black socks, navy socks, white socks but not blue blue. Then the best bit of all we went to the M&S food hall and got those curry meal packs for dinner and loads of crisps, hot cross buns, travel sweets and sausages - all the essentials. Then we drove all the way back to Belgium. Scarlett was a superstar, she really would prefer to be an only child. C&O stayed with Grandma here and had a ball, one game after another. In fact Ollie said it was his best day of his holidays - didn't like to mention it was the first one.

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