Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wacky Races

Andy's favourite expression to me as he strolls out the door for work every morning is 'just flick a mail to'. I always smile sweetly and nod - the secret to a successful marriage I'm sure - agree in principle and then do a mad Muttley (my Penelope days have long gone) impression when they've gone. I've sort of, well no sort of, I have definitely got my plate full at the moment but today's 'flick' has pushed me over the edge.

My recreating artist's impressions are as good as my photography - did you spot I even managed to cut the top off the surfboard on Sunday......

By the way - it's our swimming pool...........revolutionary as it's shallow down the length of one side and not the traditional width - much more fun for kids and games - can anyone recreate it with a 'flick' back to me, please?


Cassie said...

Very funny. I have always related to Mutley! Where is Dominica?

Fiona said...

It is a tiny island between Guadeloupe & Martinique in the West Indies. I probably need to work out how to put a map on my blog don't I - on the right hand side - failing that I'll make it a post instead!