Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Compost / If only

So, the grass/trees/borders etc are all cut down (thanks Derek/Andy) now to keep our landlord happy. Now, the farmer opposite won't take it because we've mixed our grass and our trees - completely forbidden.

So now I've got to get this lot into tiny compost bags for compost collection day or pay the very expensive gardening maintenance company to remove it for me in their little regulation compost disposal truck........ Anyway, I went to Ikea today and bought quite a lot of essentials (scented tea lights are essential actually - power cuts remember? and Celia said so, so it must be true) anyway, there's not much left in the budget now for compost disposal. Now, if only we could burn it without setting light to the garage...........

Yes, he is my designated 'Compost Disposal Truck Driver' actually.

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