Saturday, July 26, 2008

Final night in Blighty

Well, tomorrow is our flight to St Lucia - all checked in online and we merely have the little baggage drop off to do tomorrow at 7am, should be easy. 23 kilos each from Brussels, can't have added that much in 3 days apart from the cricket set, 2 x Nintendo DS Lites (it isn't with all the accessories), Earl Grey teabags, hair conditioner (3 girls remember), Chloe's new black school shoes (which she is still in a rage about) and yes, OK & Hello. LGW to SLU should be ok, it's just SLU to DOM which may be a bit dodgey. Clearly the cricket set will have to be the first to go. It's the land of cricket for goodness sake - coconuts, palm tree branches and a beach and away you go, why we have to get the Asda sponsored (but no you can't buy them in Asda) official Kwik (stolen from the car tyre folks) Cricket set I don't know. Well, you'd think I really should know by now wouldn't you. However, when I mentioned I wanted an Estee Lauder specific lipstick, code 384 from the airport, I was met with a brusque, no time for shopping retort. Clearly my lipstick will tip us into the 100+ kilos mark.

I'm thinking I should be all philosophical tonight but to be honest It's so long since I've lived in the UK that I'm not. However, today was beautiful, the sun was shining, the local pub had perfect landscaped gardens and the Pimms was ice cold and sparking in the sunlight (briefly - the contents that is, not the sun) so I did have a wistful moment. I say moment as then Wayne & Stacey on the next table became rather vocal and for the 10th time at least I had to explain to Chloe that people bled a lot in England.

So, I'm nearly excited. I know, I should be really excited. Two days chilling in St Lucia with our friends will be great but there will still be a part of me itching to get on and arrive and be there and yes, to see our house.

Going to cheat a bit now and change my blog location to Dominica 3 days early. Well, I'm there in spirit already. Cheers!

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TropicallyTied said...

God I've been following your journey for a while now and I'M!!!starting to get excited :-) I have a bottle of Pimms in my know I think it came in my container....Everytime I take it along to a party no-one has heard of it so I bring it back home. Looking forward to meeting you guys