Sunday, July 6, 2008

In transit

Friday was bizarre. The container was all packed by 3pm - Andy came home at 2pm (oh, are we moving today darling?). The packers asked me to do a final check to see if they had left anything (as if anything else would actually fit in), I tipped them very generously and we all waved each other goodbye. They were superstars - they had had to pack the lorry with the help of the 3 angels carrying things from the house and laying them carefully all the way down the drive like a mini assault course for when the heavy stuff came out and the packers had to negotiate this whilst smiling through gritted teeth. Luckily my friend picked them up at lunchtime and another friend, Smithy (what a cleaning superstar) and I started on the major cleaning blitz. Mr Muscle's Oven cleaner is the best ever. I could be in their next advert and gush away with complete sincerity no problem. We then loaded our car and our friend's car with a mountain of bags and waited for the Judge to inspect alongside our Landlord. As expected, the Landlord babbled away to the Judge pointing excitedly to any potential fault he saw whilst jabbing his finger at anything and everything like a manic child in a toy shop. Of course we all completely disagreed at the end and now await the official report on Monday. I did make the Judge look at my oven twice mind.

Because we are breaking our contract early, we are liable for two month's rent. Whatever. I think we had the last laugh though as on Thursday night he said he had a viewing. A bit bonkers I thought showing someone round when the house is jam packed full of boxes but Belgium and bonkers are synonymous. At 9pm I opened the front door to them and it was the Adams Family. No joke - 8 children, and Robbie Coltrane and Dawn French leading the way. After the house inspection they all ran wild in the garden until 10pm. When we went to the neighbours the next morning to say goodbye and distribute our house plants, the lady clasped my hand and asked if the family were really moving in as they had de-headed all her roses in the front garden and broken off the little wooden door to their postbox. I said yes I thought so and that I also knew that they had 4 dogs and 2 cats as one of the boys had been in Chloe's class. Now, what a dilemma for our landlord, will he take their money and forever upset the neighbours or will he turn down the opportunity of double rent for 2 months.....

Anyway, we are staying with Lemony now for a couple of weeks and tonight we are all in the same room. It's fun, like camping. I used to wish ahead a bit but now I live for the moment so I'm enjoying it here and the children adore it as they have 24 hour playmates.

23 days to go until we see our new house.......just a little wish then I guess.

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