Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How clean is your house?

Still no sign of our bank transfer, luckily our over overdraft has been extended into an everdraft facility...boxes are all packed except our beds and the contents of the fridge and this pc. I keep telling the guys we are here until Friday but they clearly want to just finish the job today and be gone. We are fined for every key missing so I keep trying to put them all in safe places but nothing is safe when you have packers in, everything goes. We will find the contents of our bins when we unpack I know. Talking of my favourite bin subject, my friend had to bring all her special regulation bin bags to our house yesterday (each town has a different bag) and we put all my bags into hers so she could drive them all the way back to her house late last night. She probably resembled a body snatcher when she unloaded by moonlight. But, we still have the large pile of cuttings and the designated compost removal man with a van has gone on holiday. It's been raining all night, the pile is one huge sludgy mess but we have to remove it by 5pm tomorrow. In addition, we have the regulation (but this is only the limited list) cleaning list given to us - I thought it only fair to share:-

What needs to be cleaned ? (limited list)

The minimum requirement is that the premises are in the same condition as when you moved in.

All cleaning needs to be done before the final inspection (survey-out).

Please focus special attention on :

Floors :

  • wooden floors need to be cleaned and if necessary (depending on type wooden floor and used cleaning materials) treated with special products.

  • Stone floors must be cleaned and all stains removed (be very careful when using corrosive products or de-greasers on floors! )

  • Carpets must get a shampoo cleaning.

Walls :

  • all dust (cobwebs) removed, all material attached to wall like posters, decorations, etc must be removed and holes filled up with plaster.

Doors :

  • woodwork should be cleaned and stains removed (remove dust from top of door and wooden skirt board around door)

Windows :

  • glass cleaned inside and outside, woodwork cleaned, dust in woodwork when windows are open.

  • If curtains are present they must be cleaned otherwise you will be charged for it.

Kitchen :

  • clean oven and all utensils, fridge, freezer, hood cleaned and filters replaced or cleaned, all cabinets washed etc..

Bathrooms :

  • all cabinets washed, all chalk removed from tabs (also underneath sink), tub, sinks, shower window(s).

Terrace, drive way :

  • cleaned and all unwanted weeds, moss removed

Garden :

  • lawn mowed and maintained, hedges cut back etc.. discuss this with your gardener.

It's going to be a loooooooooooong last day.

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