Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Identity Parade

So, Andy has this great idea, fake security cameras from Argos (where else). The fencing is going to cost $15,000, I don't want a dog (because I still haven't recovered from dog walking duties from 30 years ago) and we need to secure the property and improve our insurance quote. Great idea I said, let's get the kids to make them - a few kitchen rolls, black paint, clingfilm, a red dot or two and sticky back plastic. And hey presto, here's one I made earlier. He didn't find that very funny. Sometimes I think we're clearly not on the same wave length. Years ago, when I was in student digs in Paddington, we had a break-in. To add insult to injury they must have worked their way from the bottom of the house to the top (I was in the attic, much cheaper and a nice view of the roof tops - always thought Dick Van Dyke might Chim Chim-eny through my window at any moment). Anyway, they left their spoils (cheap plastic Walkman) from the lower floors on my bed and completely cleared (trendy Silver Sony Walkman) me out. Anyway, the point of all this is that whilst I was in flood of tears my Dad told me that it was only possessions at the end of the day and I guess I've kept this thought with me. However, I am a tad nervous on the pool and would like to teach people to swim first (Bronze Medallion trained you know) before they embark on a midnight dip laden down with the flatscreen....anyway, what's mine's can't take it with you afterall.....

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