Monday, August 25, 2008


Well it's been a long last week trying to rearrange furniture (well I keep changing my mind and Andy just isn't the Changing Rooms type and having done his flatscreen and chair 'I'm All Right Jack' setup and the football on, he lost all interest in my nesting attempts) and we are still waiting for the electrician too. He went to Antigua to play footie apparently so in the meantime we have just one light. Sort of used to it now and it's all romantic with the candles at night.... Chloe in the meantime has generously taken the other two in whilst their 'finally got their own' lovely bedrooms remain a no go sleeping zone as they're too dark at night. I sort of expected this to happen for a while but it may be a long while at this rate. However, our bedroom is all done and it's great - we can wake up and see the sea - fab. Well except for this last week when it's rained a lot. Well it's rained everyday (ahh, that's why they call it rainy season) so washing has been interesting. I've just worked out why everyone else has their washing lines permanently under cover - smart.

The car gave us a heart stopping moment when it conked out coming up the mountain on a very sharp bend. We had to free wheel back down the hill to get to the garage. The pressure was on as I had to keep shouting out how close we were to the edge. The radiator had gone - who knows where. By the way, by reading the small print on the back it's actually called a Nissan Mistral. More like a Nissan Puff. We have slightly altered our criteria for a second car....

Still waiting for our security quote to be finalised - the company has a monopoly and a lack of parts so this may take a while too and having been fairly relaxed on it, since our direct neighbour told us he was ramsacked on 3 weeks ago on a Saturday lunchtime, we would like to get it finalised.

Nothing broke in our move, until Friday. We have this solid glass Omani coffee table which has travelled from Oman to Dubai to Bahrain to Belgium to Dominica, in one piece. Our Housekeeper decided to use it as an ironing board on Friday with the very powerful steam iron. It has a spectacular crack from one corner to the other. Oh well, they sell glass here.

Here's to this week's adventures!

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TropicallyTied said...

:-( So it no longer "goes up hills"? There's a great guy in Newtown who fixes radiators