Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Men in Black

Today was busy. Got the children assessed at school (Chloe got 86% in maths - I don't know if she or I were more surprised) and all is fine except the literacy as they were taught in Dutch previously....from tomorrow the assessor said they could go to her house for a few mornings to catch up with her children. Chloe was delighted and Ollie looked horrified.

Customs called and said they need another piece of paper from Belgium. So another day until we can clear our container. No worries.

We then investigated installing an alarm in the absence of completing our fence. One option is to get a system directly linked to the security firm. They then rock up having screamed up the mountain in their 4x4's. I've seen these guys - like something out of 'Men in Black' - tall, dark & handsome with bullet proof vests and guns on their hips. Fairly keen on that option myself. We then enquired on cameras and the man said we can have them anywhere and everywhere. Andy then said 'so they can see whatever we're doing' in a worried tone. The sun had obviously got to him today.

Last but not least a quick site visit to the house and shack. A hive of activity all round. They can see our car coming up the mountain so always have at least 5 mins to get into place I'm sure - rather like a filmset.

Anyway, here's the shack, the view from it and Scarlett's got it sussed - she's an afternoon siesta kinda girl.

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