Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shopping Bingo

Today we had our first experience of going to 3 supermarkets to complete our shopping list - guess you could call it 'supermarket bingo'. I didn't actually mind that we had to go to 3 supermarkets but it was cruise day today so Carnival Destiny (puffing out huge black clouds of smoke ensuring a giant carbon footprint no less - who'd have thought a year ago I'd notice un-eco friendly black smoke hey) took over Roseau. This means that our nice parking spot by the bay is closed off and you can't walk 5 feet without being accosted for a tourist trip somewhere. I just kept my head down but Andy kept saying very firmly 'no, we live here thanks'. Yes we do live here - wow! Anyway, it wasn't the 4 hours this process took that got me, it was the enormous willpower I had to have in each shop to stop myself buying: the 'nice' leg of New Zealand lamb at EC$62, apples at EC$3 a piece (would have to eat the core) and the Dairy Milk just kept winking at me everywhere - it's so close to the check out, I could almost smell it. I furtively glanced at Andy at each attempt but just couldn't sneak it in. Roll on Easter, must be allowed some then musn't I....

ps I just stroke the 1999 Dom Perignon everytime I walk past it.

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