Sunday, August 10, 2008

What I learnt last week

* The best fruit smoothies are made by a man with a 'table' and liquidiser down a side street in Roseau. No, I don't know where he plugs it in....
* Customs officers are just customs officers the world over
* Everyone enjoys giving you advice
* Everyone's advice is different
* Sunset Bay serves fab cocktails just watch out for the 2 foot long iguanas
* It's impossible to get a definitive answer from the bank
* The Duty Free shops are great (like a child in a toy shop) but you have to be leaving again to purchase - can't wait until our first guest's arrive so I can direct their trolley dash....
* Starfish are fairly easy to spot and easy to pick up - explaining to the children the fish bit takes a tad longer
* A 40ft truck taking a corner too tight will end up on its side
* Ice/cooler boxes are sold everywhere - ice packs are sold nowhere
* At the end of any one day you will have collected numerous black plastic bags whilst valiantly trying to use your own
* I don't need to breathe in when driving down absolutely every narrow street
* Try and remember which supermarket stocks what
* Tins of Schweppes tonic water are sold in the airconditioned imported fruit (amazing, being the land of fresh fruit but true - rather like the KFC opening here I guess when local chicken & chips are available everywhere) shop
* Smile or laugh or perfect doing both at the same time - won't take long

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