Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is it?

So, yes we are still unpacking. I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel though. Have got to the 'it's going' stage now so the builders are very happy going home with various loot each day - chocolate fondue set, radiator, sushi set and the very useful make your own pasta set has been lovingly presented to some builder's wife and I'm sure she's absolutely delighted. Think I have persuaded Andy to give up his running machine too - it's so large and so heavy and we have absolutely no-where to put it. Just told him he can jog up and down the plot - the olympics have got him all motivated fortunately....

The downside is the kids have learnt the existence of KFC here as we didn't have a cooker for 4 days so had to give them at least one hot meal after having disposed of my microwave in Belgium after an 'eco dangerous waves' moment. Forgot their usefulness on scrambled eggs in moments of crisis mind. Anyway, this was their first KFC ever and they're not forgetting it's nearby.

The car is back to the garage this morning - it's got a leak somewhere or other and all the windows stay down permanently. Last night there was a big storm so we're in for soggy bottoms today. Could be worse, at least the sunroof was closed, nearly.

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