Friday, August 1, 2008

P O Box Number XXXX

Today was great. We have found a lovely lady to help us with the kids, Cornelia, so she had C&O and we kept Scarlett. We had loads to do (railings, landscaping, bank and PO) and got it all done pretty much. Cornelia took C&O into Roseau for the morning and Chloe had nail art on her nails (err, obviously) and toes. It looks fab. She's delighted and I'm just hoping I can get mine done too soon. Not sure, it's high up on the 'must do before we move in' list though. Today we were told our container would be here on 10th August so still living out of suitcases. The washing mountain is mile high. Must buy more deodorant. Unfortunately the shower is either boiling or nothing so I place the kids in there and just flick water over them. They are just happy that hair washing isn't even mentioned. Tomorrow we are going to go swimming, definitely.

I had an eureka moment today when I realised that the amount we spent on lunch yesterday would equate to a day's salary for me shortly. Therefore, today we went to Pearls and had roti's and lime juice. Must get the hang of queue barging though. I seemed to be permanently at the back even when I thought I really must be at the front. Must be more assertive or put my hand up and shout, possibly.

Yesterday I went to the Post Office to get a box. This is how it went:-

Can I have a box outside?
Well, can I get a box?
How do I get a PO Box number?
Fill out the form.
Can I do it now?
No, come back tomorrow with it.
Can I get a box then?
If you have filled the form out.
Ok, thanks, see you tomorrow.

So, I return today with form filled and, coincidentally Andy was with me. He took over - he's feeling all confident at the moment and has even started to pepper his conversations with 'yeah mon' or 'ok mon'. Anyway, he started with, hello, my wife would like a PO Box number and apparently there aren't any available. She's soon to start work here as a teacher blah blah blah. PO lady responds, ok, no problem, my child has just started there, welcome to Dominica, I will find a box outside for you no problem, may take a day or two, come back on Tuesday. At this point, I felt fairly confident and said, I'd return on Wednesday, she was delighted at the extra 24 hours search time and said that she'd definitely have a box by then.

Moral of the day. Speak up,look assertive and eat local.


TropicallyTied said...

hehehe. Check out Pauls blog re the queue

Fiona said...

I spend all my time telling the children to say 'please may I have'. Now do I tell them to say 'Gimme' or do I just do it myself and tell them to do as I say and not as I do!