Saturday, April 12, 2008

Balinese Furniture

A good friend of mine, Amanda, has kindly donated us a large set of Balinese furniture for our new Shack (here's a photo of some of it). Another friend has just varnished it all (no we're not the practical types unfortunately and yes I know we will definitely need to be once we get there!) and it looks fantastic - we (well me I guess if I was honest), are really pleased with it. Now we just need cushions made to make it perfect for our guests to relax on whilst admiring the spectacular views and sipping an ice cold Kubuli. Tina says I can get all my upholstery sorted out there so this job can wait until we arrive.

So, I'm glad the unloved furniture sitting in a garage in Dorking has now been lovingly restored for the new Shack's balcony.

Cheers Mands - concessionary rates for you of course!

ps A prize to the first person who can correctly guess what all those long boxes on the floor are going to be used for when we get there..........

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