Sunday, April 20, 2008

Better SAFE than sorry

For a change we didn't go to Makro yesterday and group hug flat screen TV's. We promoted ourselves to the hardware store. So there we are, haven't a clue where to look but trying to merge in with all the serious DIY-ers. We're in our Saturday best, me hair washed and makeup on (Saturday night out is now Saturday day out) and everyone else is in their dungarees and spotted paint overalls. Trying to look the part I delegate Andy with an imperious wave to picture hooks - the ones with the nails already in so you just thump them in the wall with your shoe. I took over the serious business of safe hunting - yes, you build a house so you buy a safe, says Tina. Since leaving the Middle East where everyone dripped in gold, I haven't really thought about valuables. However, I have a few bits - including an eternity ring I made Andy buy me after 5 years, so am thinking we should keep them safe for the girls one day or possibly an attendance at a regal Roseau revel, who knows. Anyway, I chose a safe (the smallest of course) - very heavy aren't they (!) but I didn't ask for help as I had taken full responsibility. So here's my safe and if you look very carefully the packet of 5 picture hooks, yeah 5, we've got around 50 pictures. Oh well, you know how we like revisiting stores weekly......

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