Friday, April 18, 2008

Groundhog Day - wherever you live

Before and after in the playroom. Everyday I tidy it up and then the children systematically destroy it (see they don't watch that much TV afterall). Every night I rattle on 'if you don't tidy up I will give all your toys away' to the response of:-

Chloe: Ah, that's a really nice thing to do Mummy.
Ollie: I've made my bed.
Scarlett: They are not my toys really.

To sum up, Chloe always tells me what I want to hear, Ollie's from planet Zog and Scarlett has finally worked out that all 'her' toys are just recycled ones from the other two anyway.

In Dominica they will all have their own bedrooms and no playroom - well that's outside, the ultimate green play space, fantastic! Therefore, the contents of the playroom now will be divided between their three bedrooms and each one will be responsible for keeping their own room tidy...........sorted!

In reality I'm probably just tripling my Groundhog Day scenario though.........Who's kidding who here, different country, same issues............

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