Monday, April 21, 2008

Why are you going?

Do you relocate because you want to go somewhere else or do you relocate because you really want to leave where you are? Of course it must be a combination of both but what percentage makes it the 'right' decision?

It is almost easier when you don't have a choice as then you list all the positives (because it is counter productive to do anything else). This is what I had to do when we came to Belgium. However, last year Andy was offered another position back in Bahrain which we turned down so whereas I didn't want to leave before (because I had to), in hindsight our time was up and we were ready to move on. So, to consider relocating probably only works when it is the right time both in your professional and personal life ie. a time when you are comfortable about making such a monumental decision having achieved what you want to achieve to date and definitely understanding all that encompasses that 'there's more to life' feeling.

Working for an international company we've had to learn to accept both sides of the coin ie. we've deliberately chosen to work in some places but, when we've had more than one option, turned down others. However, 15 years ago, we both independently chose to leave the UK and still do not want to live back there. So, is going to Dominica (our first choice after investigating a few other options) a natural progression for us in that it's finally an opportunity to still live and work abroad but on our own terms? I do hope so.

Therefore, I think the reasons for wanting to live somewhere else must be longer than your list of reasons for wanting to leave somewhere otherwise you probably need to rethink your longterm goals.

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