Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Schooling in Dominica

One of the first reactions we get when revealing the big move is 'what about the children?' followed up with 'we could never do that to our children', whatever that is. For me, boarding school at 14 was the worst experience ever but for my brother it worked. You can only do what you think is best (as my parents did) and I definitely want to keep ours with us as long as possible. Having said that we bought them tents this weekend so they could camp out in the garden or elsewhere, frequently.

Last year we looked around the Pioneer Preparatory School and have just enrolled Chloe & Ollie there.
Both of them are educated and fluent in Dutch here so it will be a double culture shock but they are very excited and so far, the idea of wearing a school uniform seems to be their biggest dislike.

Anyway, I was schooled in Dominica, can you spot me? and look at me now........Many thanks to Celia (tall & next to me) for this photo and if you want to see how real photos are taken have a look at her website:


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