Thursday, April 10, 2008

The moving jigsaw

My brother rang yesterday asking if we had a date yet for leaving. The logistics of a move of this size is overwhelming. Yes, I know I'm not the logistics expert in this family either but with time on my side the ball is firmly in my court. The whole process is an enormous jigsaw and slotting every piece in depends on things we can and can't control. So, to sum up, we are still waiting on the bank to authorise our loan, we then have to wait for the Shack to be completed, give notice on our house in Belgium (scary landlord) and all that that entails (paying final bills, paying off loans, selling my car), work out where we are going to stay for the 6 weeks our container is in transit and dependent on this book our flights to Dominica and find somewhere to stay there until our container is unpacked. Amidst all this Andy has to give notice at work and inform the children's school they are most likely leaving before the summer term is completed. Bring it on!

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