Monday, April 14, 2008

Bradt Travel Guide - Dominica by Paul Crask

To be honest we did not try out all the fun stuff last year - with 3 small ones in tow some things are just not possible and time was short too looking for suitable land plots. This on the one hand gives us lots to look forward to but on the other makes it difficult explaining to friends what is on offer. I can see their eyes glazing over whilst patiently listening to our move plans when all they are really thinking (besides mad fools) is 'I wonder how much the flights are and what the beaches are like'. At this point I ruin their day dream by explaining how difficult it is to reach (5 planes from Belgium last year due to our arrival on Liat's summer schedule changeover day so a few flights got lost in the system; I wonder if they are still flying aimlessly around) and there is definitely no flag in the sand to attract the waiter on these beaches.....

Anyway, I do my best but fortunately someone else has done a far superior and indepth job coupled with excellent photos and he is Paul Crask who has written the Dominica Bradt Travel Guide which has just been published. Until we've been there, done it and got the t-shirt, I will just tell you to amazon a copy of his guide pronto.


TropicallyTied said...

Fiona wow and it gets more surreal. Thanks so much for buying Paul's book he's going to be well chuffed when I show him your blog comment. He's my husband :-)

TropicallyTied (aka Celia)

Fiona said...

Ah, you are the wonderful photographer then! I feel quite embarrassed by my pitiful efforts now - Chloe's already moaning that I chopped her head off whilst she was holding Paul's book - it's not like they pose patiently for me - takes me 5 mins to switch the camera on too mind...what a great book and I am really interested in reading your Dominica 'places to eat' guide too as we love our scoff!